“Playing harmonica, using amps and mics, feedback has always been an issue. While trying to get good, fat tone with enough volume and no feedback is a challenge on stage. The Squeal Killer has taken care of my problem and I was amazed at what my 59 Bassman RI sounded like!”

Denny Thornberry
River City Blues Band
Louisville, KY

“The Squeal Killer really helps me get the most out of my 59 Bandmaster-I can finally hear myself on a loud stage! I get a natural, fat tone with the ability to to tweak my EQ at the amp like never before. I would recommend giving The Squeal Killer a shot if you play amplified harp.”

Bill Johnson
Knoxille, TN

“As I cranked up the amp it got to the baseline level at about 7 with no feedback, and I was able to crank it to 9 before it started barely tipping in to feedback. The amp was substantially louder than it had been on 5 with no pedals and the sound was more natural.” – (comparison to the Kinder AFB+)

Rick Davis

“The Squeal killer is by far my favorite feedback fighter and I’ve owned all of them. With The Squeal killer, I can be heard at last, without tone coloration-in fact my amp sounds better than ever. The enthusiastic audience response is the real proof – get one!.

Aliso Viejo, CA

“Hi Jason, the SK arrived on Tuesday and I gigged with it on Saturday and it was brilliant. The extra volume boost meant I could easily compete with the rest of the band ( during sound check i was even asked to turn down! ) and i was able to add more treble so my harp really cut through. I have tried the lone wolf anti feedback pedal and the kinder and the SK beats them both, so easy to use and it doesn’t mess with your tone. The SK has allowed me to use my Bassman RI to its full potential and I’m very impressed.”

G. Griffin.
United Kingdom

“Received The Squeal Killer Tues. Put it through a Harp Gear 35 at the Wed. Jam and through a Mission 50w 3×10 at a Thurs jam. Both great sounding amps on there own but with The SK more explosive and of course it’s main purpose no feedback at much louder levels.

The additional benefit with the 50w Mission was I was able to use the 3 way mic boost at a higher volume than ever before. I normally could not make use of this unless at a lower volume.

The guitar player who run’s the jam here in Joliet actually turned around, walked over, and looked at my amp!”

Mics used:

  • Greg Heumann Custom w/Shure cm
  • Astatic biscuit w/Shure Wt label cr
  • EV605 w/Shure cm

Amps used:

  • The Harp Gear v1 ax7, v2 5751 and The Mission v1 5751 v2 ax7″

Mark Splitt
Chicago, IL

“Hey man, played through mine today. Very good. In short what I found was anti-feedback qualities about the same as the Kinder with some slight variation depending on mic used. No noticeable effect on tone, or none I could pick up. I was playing through a stock Bassman RI with the SS Rectifier. I got up to 8 before it just started to ring. I could tame that down by some adjustments on the amp but it was very loud. Basically I don’t need the Kinder now. It is a good pedal but do not like the tone changes. The SK is so simple. It is the $*%& man ! I will tell my harp playin buddies about it. I love it Jason!”

James Parrish
Garden Grove, CA

“I’ve tested the SK and found it to work as advertised. A really simple and effective way to tame an unruly amp”

Greg Heumann
Blows Me Away Productions

“Pedal worked well. I used The Squeal Killer for the first time last night with a Sonny Jr. 1 4×8 amp. This amp has never had much headroom when playing with a band. Now with this pedal – amp on 8, mic turned halfway and I have the headroom I was lacking.

The amp sounded glorious.”

Barry Walker