Don’t Buy Another Amp. Buy a Squeal Killer!

The Squeal Killer is a hand made in the USA,  tube driven harmonica anti-feedback pedal. It allows you to crank up your harmonica amp louder without losing the natural tone of your amplifier. In some cases, you’ll be able to add treble rather than remove it. The Squeal Killer doesn’t need knobs to “dial in” and it won’t color your tone.  The Squeal Killer has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can feel secure in your purchase. So, plug in a Squeal Killer today and stop your quest for being heard!

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The Squeal Killer Pedal

Seydel Handmade Harmonicas

What People Are Saying

Tony Holiday

I've had the pleasure of playing the Squeal Killer at festivals, theaters, bars, and arenas. I have found a use for every setting.

Rob Stone

"The Squeal Killer is a dream device for any harmonica player that has ever heard the screech of feedback as they try to turn up their amp. It saves me from fighting with my amplifier or being drowned out while playing with a loud band. The Squeal Killer is light, sleek, incredibly easy to set up and use, and it basically eliminates feedback without compromising tone. It is definitely a device that I will have with me at every show."

Rick Estrin

"Attention all harp players: You can now WIN the volume war!!! Get the Squeal Killer and you'll never again be at the mercy of another guitar player!!!"

Harold “Hurricane” Tremblay

“WOW! I'm not easily impressed but the Squeal killer allowed me to get more volume than I have ever been able to achieve with tube substitution.

The SK also allowed me to change the settings on the amp much more. Less Bass,a little more treble and if I wanted a real compressed sound I could push the mids.

The best thing is that all the other feedback pedals changed my tone. The SK had no effect at all on the tone.

Understand I don't like add-ons but I will be using the Squeal Killer on my gigs with the Bassman for sure. My tone took a huge leap (and I've been told by many players that I have big, full tone already).

This is way cool and so easy to use. You have changed my approach to playing.

Mics/Elements Used:
  • Very Hot Shure Controlled Reluctance (1100+ on meter)
  • Very Hot Shure Controlled Magnetic
  • Hot Astatic JT 30 Ceramic (1000 + on Meter)
  • Hot Astatic JT Crystal
  • Very Hot Astatic Biscuit Ceramnic
  • Med Hot Astatic T-3 with original element
  • 59 Fender Bassman RI (stock) with 12ax7’s in all preamp positions”

David Barrett President, Harmonica Masterclass Company

“For players that love to play balls-to-the-wall loud and need to get every bit of crunch and volume out of a unmodified amp… plug in the SK… slap in a bit of delay to take the rough edges off… and you have yourself a huge sound.”

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